The Five Film Death Punch Podcast - #9 Chris Dunkley

November 28, 2016

The Five Film Death Punch Podcast - #9 Chris Dunkley.

This week’s guest is playwright (based on the plays that he has wrote) lover (based on the family he has created and acquired (Partner, acquired, offspring created), satirist (based on the status updates he facebooks) and owner of one of the five greatest chest carpets that humanity has ever been lucky enough to witness (based on what little I have spied above a V-neck t-shirt he wore once back in 2004/2005, and my wild imagination) Dr Chris Dunkley! He is here to give us the low down on his five film and what they mean to him! You should all listen, then purchase all three of his plays “The Soft of Her Palm”, “Smallholding” and “The Precariat” which will enrich your lives no-end! They are all published by Oberon Books! (This recording was made before the devastating news that a racist possible rapist was about to become the net president of the USA but he does get mentioned!)