The Five Film Death Punch Podcast - #7 Joda Persoda

October 6, 2016

The Five Film Death Punch Podcast - #7 Joda Persoda.

Welcome back to The Five Film Death Punch Podcast, we have just returned from a deeply spiritual journey where we travelled deep into the Himalayan mountains to find a wise old movie mogul to ask THE burning question….. who is the greatest director of all time! And apparently it’s Kevin Smith…..Don’t think any of us saw that coming!!!

Anyway, we are now back, well rested and ready to talk to a whole host of exciting guests about the films that influenced them! And what better way to kick of than with an interview with the irrepressible Joda Persona! I am sure we all remember the old children’s rhyme ‘Joda Persona, she lives in Barcelona, If you sign away your soul then she is gonna own ya!’ but it turns out that Joda doesn’t either live in Barcelona nor does she collect souls, she is far too busy being a musical maestro in an almost sarcastic amount of bands including My First Tooth, Red Kite and Lucky Shivers! If this wasn’t already enough, she is also one half of the greatest two person DJs/promoters all round local legends Retrotonic…..AND she has previously retrospanked! In what few minutes she has free, you can find her reminiscing about the good old days when she worked in Blockbuster whilst watching people repeatedly say ‘Kettering’ in EastEnders! She stopped by to talk us through her list! Have a listen, there are gems to be discovered in this one!