The Five Film Death Punch Podcast - #19 Good Bad Film Night

July 9, 2017

The Five Film Death Punch Podcast - #19 Good Bad Film Night.

This week we have a FFDPP SPECIAL covering the beautiful Josh Ryan's first ever Good Bad Film Night featuring one of the Titans of good bad films The Room! Hear interviews from some of the people attending the performance before and after! Prior to this event, a 'good bad night' for Mo was anytime his long suffering partner would 'engage in relations' as it was good for him and absolutely terrible for her! A 'good bad night' for The Haze was previously any time she verbally attacked someone in a cinema screen for chewing too loud/using there phone/not agreeing with her unwavering love of anything and everything Joss Weadon does! So thank you Josh, for showing us just how amazing a good bad film night can be! Be sure to keep an eye on the pomfret arms for future good bad film nights! You can catch the next Good Bad Film Night HERE!